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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is the First Time In History That Steel Has Been Heavier Than Water

NDP MP Peter Stoffer is "raising questions" (they do love that term dearly, don't they) about why, in his opinion, a Spanish fishing trawler sank 'too quickly' off the Grand Banks. The heroic actions of the crew from the Coast Guard ship Leonard J. Cowley rescued every last member of the Monte Galineiro after receiving a distress call from it and responding within minutes.

Peter Stoffer, the fisheries critic for the New Democratic Party, said he is suspicious about how the ship sank. The coast guard said it received a report that a fire had broken out on the ship.

"That ship went down far too quickly, in my own view," Stoffer told CBC News.

"I'm not a master mariner, mind you, but it seems awfully coincidental that it went down."

We tried reaching Stoffer for comment, but he was reportedly too busy trying to recreate the sinking in his bathtub using his toy boats.

Now if the NDP would only be as concerned about protecting our marine fish stocks as they are about protecting those who devastate them...

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