A great man once said, "Politics is inherently stupid." That great man was me.

Monday, April 27, 2009

This Guy's Arrogance Knows No End

Do you ever get the feeling that they put a bunch of politically naive college freshmen in charge of the White House? 

It's like they took a student union and put it to work running America. Change has come to America, and it is Ineffective and Arrogant.

(and it likes environmentally harmful photo-ops. Hey, I wonder how many people were on that plane and if it was actually going anywhere, seeing as how Barry wasn't on it).

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've been waiting for this to break.

And I have a message for the Tories, a message anyone on the internet should know well:

Please, don't feed the troll.

Let him have his book launch. Don't say a word, save for short, dismissive denials of any mistruths. Pretend that you don't care (because really, you shouldn't; who cares what Garth Turner thinks?). Let media interest peak for a few days and then die off as they move on to some other non-story of the week. If the Tories waste their time engaging in vociferous public denials and criticism of Garth Turner, they will only play to his narcissism and help him sell more books.

, six months to a year later, when no one cares anymore, if he has engaged in any legitimate defamation requiring legal response - sue the pants off of him, as quietly as possible. There will be media coverage, obviously, but it will be nowhere near as bad if the Tories come out swinging from the gates and avoiding controversy will ensure that his book launch isn't greeted with massive sales. In short, play it smart don't help the blowhard promote his book.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

This Is Not What Our People Fought and Died For

Two very disheartening stories out of Afghanistan and Iraq (at the very least - and it's not much - there's this). I've always told those who are against the mission that we're there to fight for human rights; with happenings like these I'm not so sure that's what we're accomplishing.

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