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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Media Bias? What Media Bias?

Look over there, it's a bunch of angry right wingers!

An Open Letter to Lee-anne Goodman and the Associated Press:

Great. You wrote an article that completely missed the point of what the fuss was all about in the first place.

The whole article seemed to spin it to sound like Republicans and the right in general were attacking Obama for his 'un-American' choice of mustard.

However, if you had actually read Mr. Jacobson's blog (which I did), you would have realized that what this is really about is media bias; namely MSNBC edited out information that was completely trivial in order to help President Obama look better, which is a betrayal of their journalistic integrity.

It is ironic: while it is actually MSNBC that tried to hide Mr. Obama's mustard choice because it seemed 'un-American' to them, this article goes out of the way to make it seem that the American right-wing are the ones obsessed with his mustard choice. This completely ignores the fact that the real story is, and always has been, about how far MSNBC will go to cheerlead for their hero, President Barack Obama - they're afraid of a little mustard. And if you and your colleagues had an ounce of credibility, you'd jump on this as a story about MSNBC disgracing your profession. MSNBC is afraid of how the president's choice of mustard will make him look, and it's FOX News that's a "propaganda machine?"

But hey, whatever, it's a chance to ridicule conservatives, right? 

This is exactly why trust in the media is so shockingly low as of late. 

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