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Friday, September 03, 2010

That'll Teach Him...Maybe?

A welfare cheat who owned a tow truck, two houses, two cars and ran a lucrative furniture and cabinet making business was recently convicted of fraud after receiving over $74,000 dollars over a period of twelve years. The convicting judge gave him a scathing lecture....and then set him up with the "extended payment plan":

A judge has ordered Robert Thibodeau, 64, to reimburse taxpayers over the next 30 years after he pocketed $74,000 in social assistance cheques.

Thibodeau pleaded guilty to fraud and was sentenced this week to 21 months in jail. Once he’s released, he’ll have to pay back $300 a month until 2040. ***

Sure he'll spend two years in jail. But his payments only start after his term is finished. Presuming he even serves the full sentence, by then he'll be 66 years old. Presuming further that he lives to be Ninety-Six years old, he'll eventually pay every cent back. That's an awful lot of presumptions.

I've got a better idea: seize his trucks, homes, and business and auction them off until every cent of the $74,000 dollars plus twelve years interest is paid off.

It's not like we have property rights here in this country anyway.

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