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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Thoughts of the N.A.H. protest.

Life is busy, and it's been a while!

Thought I'd drop a quick commentary on the "Newfoundanders Against Harper" rally, and particularly on the cbc.ca reporting of the event. This story, posted online by the CBC, makes absolutely no mention that the rally was organized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour; in fact, it celebrates it as a supposed grass-roots, social-media inspired event towards the end of the article. One of the prominent speakers at this rally was Lana Payne, head of the NLFL and perpetual anti-Conservative/anti-Harper columnist for The Telegram (A sampling of her work can be seen here, should you be courageous enough to brave her commentary). Furthermore, commenting on the story is disabled so there's no way let readers know this was anything but a grass-roots protest; I'd like to know exactly why the CBC thought a simple story such as this should be closed to comments, though I have a theory or two already in mind.

Regardless, by the reports of the enthusiastic and packed crowd present at the event (which was attended by Premier Kathy Dunderdale), the strong slate of Conservative candidates in the province (many of whom are prominent former provincial cabinet ministers), and the announcement of federal support for a Loan Guaarantee to develop the Lower Churchill project from Prime Minister Harper, support for an ABC campaign in this province is likely limited to those who already can't stand the Conservatives to begin with. My prediction for this election is that you can expect to see at least two seats in this province go Conservative, and quite possibly more.

N.A.H.? Nah.

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